Sunday, 30 August 2009

FlashWRITER - New Template Available

Flash Me Magazine
Publisher Template

You can now download a publisher template for Flash Me Magazine ( It is available from the template section at the Reefwing Software site.

FlashWRITER - Installation Instructions

Having problems downloading and installing FlashWRITER? This step by step procedure should help and let you know what to expect.

Stick the following address into your browser (or click on the download link on my blog):

This should download the setup file. Once it has downloaded run the file. It may take a while as you will probably have to download the .NET framework as well. Just click yes if it asks you do you want to install this. If you have any problems try running the setup program again - sometimes it doesn't transition well from downloading .NET to my program.

The install sequence should go like this:

- dialog box - click run
- another dialog box - click run
- a box saying install .NET framework 3.5 SP1- click accept
- the .NET framework then gets installed - this takes quite a while! You may see another dialog box saying setup is configuring components. No need to do anything - but this takes a while so go and have a cup of tea.
- You then need to restart your PC (you will be prompted to do this).
- Once the computer restarts you should see a dialog box - click run (if you don't see this run the setup file again)
- You will then see another box - click install
- The program will install and you should see the FlashWRITER splash screen.
- You will see another couple of boxes saying that the config and history file does not exist. Just click ok.

If you have problems downloading the .NET framework, you can also get it from here:

Then download this update:

Any problems post a comment here and we will work something out.

Sunday, 9 August 2009


Serial Killers, Freaks, and Sexual Tension - How can you go wrong?

I don't normally do reviews but I thought it was appropriate that I share my thoughts on this little piece of depraved carnival.

Let me start with the production quality - I was blown away. I hadn't heard of Chapter Books before receiving this copy but I hope that Corpulent Insanity Press publish many more. According to Wikipedia a Chapter Book is "a story book intended for intermediate readers, generally aged 7-10." I'm pretty sure that this Chapter book is not targeting that demographic. The poor little tykes wouldn't sleep for a week.

Those familiar with Ms Dowker's work would have a fair chance of guessing in which direction she will be taking the reader on this perambulation through perversity.

The male lead (Josh) is a whinging twit with sexual issues. From the first page I'm hoping that things are going to go poorly for him. To make things worse we pick up a hint that he is some sort of reformed loony serial killer. Josh's pathetic performance is balanced by a strong female lead called Erin. As an aside - did you know that Erin was often used by 19th Century poets to represent the female personification of Ireland? The name Joshua is often interpreted to mean "God rescues" - and by the end of the story young Josh is going to need it.

I enjoyed the thematic resonance created by the overlay of language and descriptive passages. The religious references were mostly subtle and perhaps unintended with Seth (the third son of Adam who lived to 912 apparently), and the manifestation of a new hell, albeit the crucifixion scene was a tad more obvious. I am a bit concerned about Felicity though, if she perceives a moonlit night as "a pale bloated corpse, drifting above ... in the fetid waters of the starless sky", perhaps she has some issues to work through. Seriously though, the use of language in this story is a beautiful thing. Immerse yourself in the sheer Dowkerness of it all.

The weirdness cranks up a notch when Erin and Josh discover a circus tent erected on the local footy ground. I won’t give away any more as it would spoil the surprise and you should experience Ms Dowker's prose first hand. My only disappointment in this story is that there were no creepy clowns – but perhaps that would be clich├ęd and that is one thing that you will never find in Felicity’s writing.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

FlashWRITER Templates Available

Three new FlashWRITER template files have been added to the Template page for download. They are for Aurealis, AntipodeanSF and FlashShot.

You need to place these files in the FlashWRITER/Templates directory. The program will then auto detect these and you will be able to open and apply them from Tools -> Options -> Publish.

If there are any particular templates that you would like to see added, let me know and I will upload them to the site. In addition, if you want to submit a template file to share with others then email me a copy. Templates are available from

Saturday, 1 August 2009


I recently had a great thesaurus add-on pointed out to me. It installs quickly, sits quietly on your XP or Vista taskbar, and is seamlessly invoked in your writing software (say FlashWRITER ;-) of choice via a hotkey. 
I have been using it for a while now and it works a treat.
Description from web site:

WordWeb is a comprehensive one-click English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows. It can be used to look up words from almost any program, showing definitions, synonyms and related words. It includes pronunciations and usage examples, and has helpful spelling and sounds-like links.

You can download a free version at :