Friday, 26 March 2010

Life Goals v1.1 - What's New?

Life Goals v1.1

What is new in this version?
  • Category names, icons and colours can now be edited and added.
  • 15 new Category Icons added.
  • You can assign custom colours to a category.
  • Pop up category legend added to charts.
  • Category colour is now part of the category picker.
  • Extensive update to the Help Tab. Help files from the web site are now included with the App. A goal setting tip section has also been included.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Life Goals Sets High Bar in Goal Management

The iPhone App Review Site & Life Goals v1.0

Anna Papachristos from the iPhone App Review site has recently reviewed Life Goals. Here is an extract from the review:

"What is great about Life Goals, as opposed to other goal management applications, is the way it provides its users with a pre-designed set up featuring different categories. Many similar apps make it easy for users to enter their goals and set due dates, but Life Goals helps you break things down into categories that some may even overlook as being an area of their life they could improve upon. Life Goals uses a simple interface that makes recording goals and tasks easy, while also monitoring their importance and your progress instead of leaving such tasks up to the users themselves."

You can read the complete review at:

Life Goals - Review

Life Goals v1.0 - Reviewed

I have long been a fan of Alex Curylo's blog. One of the great things about the iPhone / Mac development community is the way that people share resources and knowledge. Alex is a living embodiment of this. So guessing that Alex was a pretty giving bloke and since I respect his opinion I asked him to review my iPhone App "Life Goals."

While perhaps unconvinced on the philosophical need for such an App he does say, "Yep, it’s very pretty. That goes for the rest of the application too — very nicely designed and intuitively laid out and apparently well programmed..."

You can read the complete story at this link: Life Goals Review.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Kintarla - 2010 Shiraz RIP

Sultana's anyone?

We spent all Saturday dropping the shrivelled remains of our Shiraz crop. After a years work, it is pretty heart breaking to have to cut the grapes and leave them to rot on the ground.

You need to do this to stop fungal spores building up in the sticky mass of decaying grapes and to stop the vine wasting resources on trying to ripen the doomed crop. These resources are better spent on building carbohydrate reserves for next year.

So not only do you lose the crop but you have to waste time harvesting it anyway. The only good thing about being a farmer is that it gives you a good excuse to moan.

Bottling is still scheduled for late March, so it will be exciting to taste our first vintage (last years Shiraz and this years Verdelho). We plan on selling this via the new and improved Kintarla Web Site.

Life Goals iPhone App cracks top 20

Life Goals reaches 13th spot on the Aussie Charts.

My iPhone App Life Goals reached 13th spot on Sunday. It is now starting to tail off but I'm pretty stoked that it got that high with no real marketing.

I have just started on v1.1 which will add in some of the features that users have requested. The proposed development pipeline is shown on my blog at

GeoDefense Swarm Strategy - Fusion - Crossed Wires

New Downloadable Content for GeoDefense Swarm

There was an upgrade published last night (in Australia) for additional downloadable levels for GeoDefense Swarm. The first level, "Crossed Wires" is free and you can buy another 10 levels (5 medium and 5 hard) for about $1.

The free level is fairly straight forward. If you get stuck a solution is shown in the attached picture. There is probably also a solution using just thumpers. Start by building towers straight up and down from the exit points and then gradually build the path as you get more cash. Eventually you will run out of spots for additional towers, so start upgrading.