Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Sonar 2 from Spacejock Software

As an engineer I just gotta have a process for everything and that includes writing. I used to keep track of my submissions using a word doc but then I discovered Sonar. It is fantastic. You can track all of your works, where you have sent them and it automatically calculates how long a story has been out (though this can be a bit disheartening).

It is also handy for keeping a list of publishers / editors / markets that you are targeting. By using the filters provided you can sort by title, whether it has been accepted/rejected, how much money you have made out of the story (or not), word count, and whether it has been published yet.

You can't argue with the price either - it's free!

So give it a try. You can find out more and download a copy from:

Beta version 3 is also available for those who like to live dangerously.


  1. Heya David,

    Have you checked out www.duotrope.com ? I use it to track all my subs and to select markets, as well as to keep an eye on what's happening (new zines, zines closing down, new anthologies, who has been accepted where, etc). It offers all the information you've mentioned (I think). It's also free, though they do welcome donations to keep them running. I lurrrrrrrve me some Duotrope. =o)

  2. Hey Felicity,

    Nope - hadn't heard of it.

    I just tried to go to the site and got a "Service Unavailable" message.

    It sounds pretty good. I'll give it a burl later.

    Thanks for the tip.



  3. Yeah, Duotrope was down briefly the other day, but it's all back on track now. I hope you find it useful. =o)

    There's quite a few various services of that sort - I've got several listed on my blog under "Market Lists", if you're interested in trying some different ones out.

    Happy submission tracking!