Sunday, 1 March 2009

Vintage 2009

The ferment is proceeding to schedule (more or less). We are at 2.0 Baume which is a measure of the amount of sugar in the must. It started at around 12.5 which indicates that the final alcohol level of the wine will be about 12.5%.

Pressing is now slotted for Monday.

The winemaker (Matt) needed to add some acid to the wine. If the wine acidity is too low the wine tastes flabby (and in extreme cases has a slimy mouth feel). The legal wine additives in Australia are listed in Food Standard 4.5.1 (for those really interested).


  1. I may have to hunt you down and force you to hand over some wine. Those grapes look amazing!

  2. I always enjoy being hunted down!

    I will swap you a few bottles of wine for an autographed copy of your first book. See you in Feb 2010.