Sunday, 7 March 2010

Kintarla - 2010 Shiraz RIP

Sultana's anyone?

We spent all Saturday dropping the shrivelled remains of our Shiraz crop. After a years work, it is pretty heart breaking to have to cut the grapes and leave them to rot on the ground.

You need to do this to stop fungal spores building up in the sticky mass of decaying grapes and to stop the vine wasting resources on trying to ripen the doomed crop. These resources are better spent on building carbohydrate reserves for next year.

So not only do you lose the crop but you have to waste time harvesting it anyway. The only good thing about being a farmer is that it gives you a good excuse to moan.

Bottling is still scheduled for late March, so it will be exciting to taste our first vintage (last years Shiraz and this years Verdelho). We plan on selling this via the new and improved Kintarla Web Site.

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