Sunday, 20 February 2011

Life Goals v2.0 - Backup & Restore Data

Life Goals Data Backup

In version 2.0 of Life Goals we have added the ability to share or back up your goal and task data to any other iOS or Macs you have connected via a LAN.

To start, tap on the Life Goals Sync button at the bottom of the Settings & Backup Screen.

This will bring up the device discovery screen shown below. Any other iOS devices or Macs running Life Goals will be shown here. You will need to tap the Life Goals Sync button on both devices for them to be shown.

Devices also need to be on the same LAN to be discovered. The example here shows the local device name at the top (DS_iPod) and any remote devices discovered in the table below (DS_MacBookPro). Tap the remote device that you want to sync with or the cancel button.

If a successful connection is made you will see the Life Goals Sync screen from which you can import or export data.

Note that all data on the device which imports will be erased and replaced by data from the other device. Data is NOT merged so take care.

Tap the export button to back up data to the remote device. Tap import if you want to restore data from a previous backup.

An alert will appear on the device which is having its data erased and replaced. Tap cancel to stop the process or continue to complete it.

The local device will show a message and the spinning activity indicator until the alert on the remote device is acknowledged (i.e. cancel or continue button is tapped).

There is no undo available, once the Continue button is tapped, the data is over written on the device importing.

On completion of the data transfer, the LIfe Goals Sync screen will slide away on both devices. No further action is required, the data will now be identical on both devices. This includes the Vision if present but not the preference settings.

Visit Reefwing Software for more details.

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