Saturday, 12 March 2011

Observations on Goals

New Years Resolutions

I read an interesting article in the March 2011 edition of PC and Tech Authority called "Testing your Resolve" by Joel Nation.

According to psychologists at Sydney University 50% of Australians made New Year resolutions at the end of 2010.

Apparently though only half of those who make resolutions stick to them after 6 months and this figure drops to 10% after 12 months. You would have to conclude that resolutions don't work for 90% of the population.

So what is going wrong, why is this so? I have previously spoken about my 5 reasons why New Years resolutions fail.

To make sure you are one of the 10% that stick with their resolutions - just do the opposite to the actions listed in my previous post.

Or if you need a system to help you and have an iDevice then you could download my App Life Goals from the iTunes App Store. ;-)

Read all about it at the Reefwing Software web site.

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