Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Number Converter Pro v1.2

Version 1.2 adds significant more functionality for engineers and programmers. Including:

- Conversion to and from ASCII

- An ASCII table showing the character representation in decimal and hexadecimal.

- Access to the device system logs. This gives you a window into what is happening on your iOS device and may be useful in troubleshooting App's which crash. Tapping a log item will take you to the detail view for that logged event. The detail view will show the following (if available):
+ Time of event
+ Host
+ Sender
+ Facility
+ PID, UID and GID
+ Logging Priority (see below)
+ Log Event Message

- System Information, which includes the following (where available):
+ Platform ID (e.g. iPhone3,1)
+ Platform String (e.g. iPhone 4)
+ Orientation
+ Platform Code
+ CPU Frequency
+ Bus Frequency
+ Total Memory
+ User Memory
+ MAC Address
+ Host Name
+ Local IP Address
+ Local WiFi Address
+ External IP Address

- Access to the Reefwing Software store to see what other Apps are available.

Tap the [More] button on the calculator to access the last four features.

The Apple System Log priority levels are defined as follows:

- Level 0: Emergency
- Level 1: Alert
- Level 2: Critical
- Level 3: Error
- Level 4: Warning
- Level 5: Notice
- Level 6: Information
- Level 7: Debug

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