Sunday, 15 May 2011

The 2011 White vintage

The 2011 white vintage has finished fermenting and will be bottled at the end of May.

We crushed 2.5 tonne of Verdelho which converted to 1,500 litres. Assuming no wastage that will convert into 2,000 bottles or about 166 cases. A conversion ratio of 600 litres per tonne. The 2011 vintage is 100% our fruit.

It is interesting to compare this to the 2010 Verdelho vintage. In 2010 we picked 1.5 tonne of our own fruit and bought another 1.5 tonne of fruit from our neighbours. This 3.0 tonne converted to 1,587 litres. A conversion ratio of 529 litres per tonne.

For the Semillon, we crushed 4.0 tonne which converted into 2,200 litres (2,933 bottles or approximately 244 cases). A conversion ratio of 550 litres per tonne. We only used the first press for the Semillon which explains the lower conversion ratio. To add a bit more complexity to the Verdelho we blended some of the 2nd press Semillon into this. This is our first Semillon vintage.

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