Sunday, 24 July 2011

2011 Semillon

Kintarla 2011 Semillon

Our 2011 Semillon and Verdelho is now available for order at the Kintarla website. We tried the Semillon last night and it is delicious. This wine is quite delicate at the moment but will age will and should develop for the next ten years or so. Young Semillon's are a very different drink to when they get a bit of age on them.

At the moment our Semillon is a very pale yellowish green in colour and the tastes which predominate for me are lime, pear and apple. It would go great with seafood or pork. As the wine ages the colour will darken to a deep golden hue. I'm not sure yet how the taste will mature but usually you start to get toasty vanilla and almost oak characters emerge.

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