Saturday, 2 June 2012

Reviews of Life Goals (iPhone App)

Life Goals was rated 9/10 by Anna Papachristos in her analysis at the iPhone App Review site

In Anna's words: "What is great about Life Goals, as opposed to other goal management applications, is the way it provides its users with a pre-designed set up featuring different categories.  Many similar apps make it easy for users to enter their goals and set due dates, but Life Goals helps you break things down into categories that some may even overlook as being an area of their life they could improve upon." 

Erica Sadun (author of the iPhone Cookbook) also recently reviewed Life Goals and Life Audit on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW). 

Erica described the App as follows: "An enhanced to-do app, Life Goals reorganizes a standard reminders approach around focused categories. As you add and accomplish tasks, your Life Chart updates to show you which areas you're excelling in, and which you're neglecting, through an expanded system of graphs and statistics."

Erica goes on to say: "A lot of thought has gone into its design, to help users prioritize and review task management. If you like visual and statistical goal feedback, this app has it in bunches."

You can read the whole review at the TUAW Life Goals Review

I had a huge laugh at Erica's closing remark: "The graphics are a little on the low-end "designed-by-engineer" side, but it's really the methodology, not the interface, that sells this app."

Being an Engineer it is hard to argue with that - I think I will take it as a compliment. However I will also update the graphic assets in the next version!

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