Sunday, 27 January 2019

Mindful - FREE iOS App

Mindful is about helping you find a way to become more present and less distracted in your day-to-day life.  The objective is to feel calmer, connected with those around you and to be balanced and focused.

This is achieved by being reminded to be mindful throughout the day. Whenever a notification is received, this is the time to stop your thoughts and just be present.

The app could also be used to provide regular affirmations or reminders of what sort of person you would like to be.

You can select how often you want to be reminded each day: seldom, sometimes or often. This corresponds to roughly every 3 hours, 2 hours or hourly. There is a plus or minus variance of 20% on the reminder period.

Tap on settings (the blue gear icon) to select the start and stop time for reminders. You can also choose your reminder tone from this screen.

The green journal contains messages, which will be randomly included when your reminder is displayed. You can edit or delete these (swipe left) or add your own messages.

When you want the reminders to start, tap on the Start button. To stop all reminders, tap Stop!

Download for FREE from the App Store!!!

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