Thursday, 30 April 2009

FlashWRITER Update


I decided to get started on the help files. After a bit of research it emerged that there are no less than 3 different ways to display help. I settled on the most used version (HTML Help) and downloaded the free help compiler from Microsoft. Then all I needed was an editor which can handle HTML files. In a moment of recursive brilliance I decided to use FlashWRITER, only to find out that I was not handling HTML tags properly.

I'm now off on a short detour to build an RTF to HTML converter. There doesn't appear to be any freeware components that I can lift, so build it I shall. I will keep this converter fairly simple as I don't imagine that anyone will be building their website by hand using FlashWRITER, I will only include the tags I need to do the Help files. I think I can do this in a few days so I'm not anticipating any delays to the Beta release at this stage.


  1. I suck at any form of coding so you have my well earned awe.

  2. Hold onto your awe until you have tried the finished product. ;-)

    Further to your suggested features there does appear to be a need for a program dedicated to editing. I saw another post asking for those sort of things today. I'll definitely try and stick some of that functionality into v2.