Sunday, 20 September 2009

Kintarla - Spring has Sprung

Desuckering and Fruiting Wires

We spent all of yesterday fertigating (adding fertiliser via the irrigation system through the dripper lines), dropping the fruiting wires (which you lift about halfway through the season to allow more air in the canopy and to maximise rays), and desuckering.

Desuckering is tough on the back. You have to run you hand up down the trunk of each vine to remove the shoots you don't want. It aint hard work exactly but after the first kilometre it starts to get old. If you walk along all our rows the total length is 7km's. Needless to say we didn't finish - We had to get back to watch the kiwis kick our arse again in the rugby.

We are trialling a new organic spray which doesn't kill anything or prevent disease but instead works on improving the health of the vine, thereby making it strong enough to fight off the various things that want to eat it. Lisa is keen on us ultimately getting certified organic.

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