Monday, 5 October 2009

iPhone - GeoDefense Swarm Medium Level 3 (Y Me?)


Totally unrelated to anything else on this blog, but anyway...

Have I said how brilliant the iPhone is? What a top bit of kit. It even isn't too bad as a phone, just don't try to SMS or dial while you are driving - lethal!

I'm a bit of a fan of the tower defence game genre, and the iPhone has a couple of rippers. The original GeoDefense was insanely difficult and the new update Swarm isn't any easier. In fact I think it may be tougher. Get the build or upgrade order wrong and you are a goner.

So to save some poor soul from gouging their intestines out with a spoon because they just had to redo this level for the 300th time - here is the answer to Medium Level 3 - Y Me?

The answer (as is often the case when you get stuck in these games) is the laser tower.
  1. Start with the bottom right hand laser and gun turret. The gun is required to channel the creeps down the orange kill zone.
  2. After the first wave you can build the bottom left laser and gun.
  3. When you have enough cash build the right hand laser which is on the same diagonal as the >> tiles.
  4. Then build the laser on the left hand diagonal.
  5. Finally build the top two lasers.
  6. Upgrade the lasers as cash permit. To survive the 13th wave you need to have the right hand lasers upgraded more than the left. The bottom right needs to be level 7 by this wave.
I suspect that there is also a solution using the shock towers but I didn't find it!


  1. Thank you! Took me forever to finish this level, and I kept losing on last wave...

  2. Happy to be able to help - I know how frustrating this game can be!

  3. I suposse using your solution isn't cheating but outsorcing, right? thanks

  4. Well, does not work here. I have exactly the same setup, but wave 13 is going through my defenses as if it wasn't existing. top right laser is lvl 5, bottom right is lvl 7, middle right is lvl 5 as well, my count goes to 0 in no time... There is smtg missing. Do you lock the turrets ?

  5. Ah, got it. Locking the middle right made it. Sorry it was indeed clear on the sshot...

  6. Easier solution is just building 4 towers.

    The two laser towers on the left and right, then make two missile towers one square down from the middle of the Y (touching the orange but not in the path of the laser). Upgrade the right tower to level 2 on the 3rd wave. After that, build one missile tower (the side doesn't matter) then pour all your money into upgrading it to level 6. If you can't afford the next level, upgrade the left laser. Once your missile is at lvl 6, make another missile tower on the opposite side and do the same thing. Finally finish up with the laser tower upgrades. You can complete this level without losing a life.

  7. Yup, with missile and laser towers is much easier, worked right away

  8. when i start this level I have 10 lives for 13 rounds but I only have $48 so can't do what you suggest David........ I have upgraded but don't know why I don't start with $60?????

    HELP !!!!!!

    1. You can Change the mode to "novice mode" which is what they seem to be referring to in Options (after quitting the level). Currently you seem to be in the "hardcore mode" where you start off with lower cash (where I am stuck too).

  9. Thanks, great to know although it feels good to now that all that I have done so far is in the hard core mode :-) Just can't get any further and novice doesn't record you score :-(

    Thanks again

  10. What a crap solution, wave three goes straight through on the right hand side, waste of time this solution

  11. This doesn't work on the WP7 version.
    I beat it by putting two lasers at the top of the stem of the Y (the armpits), then filled in the bottom of the arms of the Y with turrets to channel the shapes down the middle, then put lasers along the middle and bottom of the stem of the Y. Then upgrade everything.