Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Kiti - iMessage Sticker Pack 7

A premium set of sticker Cat Emoticons / Emojis.

If you love cats then what better way to express your emotions than to use cat emoticons?

Do you have difficulty communicating your feelings. Kiti is here to help. There are 31 fantastic stickers.

Includes Christmas, New Years and Valentine Day themed cats.

If you haven’t used iMessage sticker packs then there are a couple of traps for new players. To help people overcome these issues, we have written a couple of articles which may assist:

1. I’ve installed my sticker pack but can’t find it! 
2. I bought an iMessage Sticker pack on iTunes and can’t find it on my phone!!

The pack of 31 stickers covers things like:

ø Saying Hi (or meow)
ø Wink
ø Merry Christmas
ø Purrrrfect
ø Talk to me
ø Really?
ø Happy and Unhappy
ø I love you
ø No words!
ø Please
ø I have an idea
ø Party time!
ø I'll find you!
ø Ta Dah!
ø Need a hug
ø Have a cool Yule!
ø No!!!
ø Princess
ø I am cute
ø I love fashion
ø Kitty Girl
ø It's meow or never!
ø Happy meow Year! *sorry*
ø Morning Beautiful
ø We need to talk...
ø My little Kitty
ø At least I have my dignity

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