Thursday, 22 December 2016

Street Art - iMessage Sticker Pack 11

The perfect gift for Christmas! Well maybe not, but you can get your graffiti on and have a cool yule by downloading the latest iPhone sticker pack from Reefwing Software. I even produced a video of the stickers using After Effects which was rejected by Apple. This sticker set comes with over 100 stickers! It includes 45 tags, 15 backgrounds, Alphabet (A-Z) and 14 paint splatters. Build up your own designs or use the ones provided. Be the master of texting with a Street Art sticker which captures exactly what you want to say. Boom! You can overlay these over text, photos or other stickers. Just tap and hold, then drag to where you want the stamp placed. You can also rotate and resize each sticker. Download it now from iTunes. Click on the link or search for Reefwing in the iMessage store.

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