Saturday, 9 May 2009

FlashWRITER AutoSave

New and Improved Auto Save Functionality!

The attached picture shows the latest version of the FlashWRITER auto save functionality. 

You can now select whether you want the program to over write your existing file when it auto saves or creates another copy which is time and date stamped. The maximum number of copies option allows you to specify how many times to create a copy before it alerts you. This is to prevent users setting a frequent autosave period and then leaving the program on and winding up the next morning with a full disk.

At the moment the max copy alert current count is not remembered between sessions (ie if you shut the program down the counter resets).

Any other suggestions or comments welcome.

Remaining code to be cut:
  • Writing history
  • Title Block handling
  • manuscript templates
  • line spacing; and
  • remaining help files (about 2/3rd's to go)
I'm still on track for end of May launch.

22 days until beta launch ...

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