Tuesday, 19 May 2009

FlashWRITER - New Splash!

Splash Screens - what a nightmare!!

If you read the blog below you will see that I claim that Splash Intro Screens are easy!

Easy to do wrong it turns out.

I just spent four hours learning how to do threaded code because I discovered the proper way to do a flash screen is to let it run in a separate thread. This turns out to be a non-trivial exercise let me tell you. Anyway I have worked out how to do it. This is one subject that doesn't have a lot of good examples available on the web.

In the process I also updated the splash screen itself (see above). Let me know if you have a preference - I think the 2nd version is more professional.


  1. Sorry I haven't been around - still crook.

    Second flash screen - definitely.

    Back to double returns between paragraphs: Some markets want them and some don't so I expected to see the choice to turn them on or off on the screen shot you had up last time. I'm guessing it may be in the market template instead?

  2. Hi BT - welcome back from the dead.

    Yes you can choose double or single returns between paragraphs and whether you want new paragraphs indented (go to Tools -> Options -> Publish when you get the Beta version). This seems to work pretty good.

    One bug that I'm still trying to fix is the handling of double line spacing (and 1.5 if possible). The rich text box object doesn't handle this by default so I have had to venture into the scary area of unmanaged code).