Friday, 15 May 2009

FlashWRITER - Publisher Templates

What Else??

I have completed the first cut of the publisher template code. You can see the option tab inserted into this post.

What else would you like included? You can also select an option to insert a title block at the top of your story which contains the usual (name, address, phone, email, word count, and title).

The template file is saved in xml format so they are easy for anyone to read, modify or use.


  1. Dave, could the font section include a drop down menu of available fonts to choose from?

    Is a .doc file type not a possibility?

    What about double returns between paragraphs?

    Am I asking for too much? You can tell me to shut up any time...

    This is looking fantastic. Put up a screen shot of the opening flash screen with the app title and your name on it, and I'll post it up on the blog - as many people as possible should know about this.

  2. Hi BT,

    If you hit the [EDIT] button in the font group box you will bring up the standard font selection dialog. I could do a drop down box but it would be very long - I have a heap of fonts on my machine. Give it a go when you get the Beta copy and let me know what you think. I could do a drop down box of the more common fonts - there are probably only 4-5 that I actually use.

    Microsoft .doc is possible however the reason that I didn't implement it is:

    1. It is a proprietary format and I would have to either create an instance of Word each time a file is saved or opened (which sucks up a lot of RAM) or reverse engineer the format (which is probably illegal and would take a long time).

    2. I don't think it actually adds anything. You can open RTF, TXT and HTML in Word if you want and I don't know of any publishers that accept only .doc (in fact a lot wont accept it).

    Double returns between paragraphs is in there already.

    I will stick up the SPLASH screen but hold your horses on spreading the word. Let's get the beta testing finished first and then we can launch it properly. You only get one chance at a first impression.

    Thanks for your support and hope you are feeling better.