Saturday, 21 November 2009

GeoDefense Swarm Strategy - Hard Level 10 (Crazy 88's)


GeoDefense Swarm Strategy

Hard Level 10 - Crazy 88's

Spoiler Warning!

My approach here is to split the screen into two regions and allow the creeps to channel between the two 8's.

I start with laying out the path near the exit. It takes a bit of trial and error to work out what the minimum number of towers work.

Interestingly my highest score is with 180 waves. Using another approach I got to over 215 but the score was lower.

Well that concludes the game! Hopefully Critical Thought Games will release some additional map packs. V3 of the iPhone OS has enabled in game purchases, more games should take advantage of this (IMHO).


  1. First off I want to say that your spoliers helped me through a couple tough levels. Thank you!

    Second... I just totally ripped this last level apart. I scored 0024xxxxxxxx and had just over 240 swarms. I was so excited I immediately signed up with open fient to log my score. Some how, both the leaderboards as well as my app lost the final score =( It took a whole day on and off building the map! Argg... I just need to vent somewhere. At least I know a great strategy now. My question to you is how you get the screen caps?!?

    Either way, thanks for the advice on the other levels!

  2. OMG... I just did it again, and it won't save my score. =( Oh well.

  3. Hi Adam,

    Glad I could help. I've just gone back and started the original geoDefense. I had forgotten how hard some of those maps were - I will post some of those when I get a chance.

    To take a screen shot you need to hold down the "Home" button (at the bottom of the screen) and then hit the "power/sleep" button (top right hand side of the phone). I will post a picture to illustrate this.

    Good luck with the high score! I have found it sometimes doesn't upload if your WiFi drops out in the middle of a game but it should save the score and upload it next time that you connect (and have the game active).

  4. Hi Adam,

    I just noted on the Critical Thought Blog that earlier versions of the game had a bug which prevented uploading high scores - so make sure that you have the latest version.

    You can read about it here:

  5. Ahh... thanks for everything David! I got the screen-cap working now.

    The high-score problem was local though. It wouldn't even save to my own list. Oh well... I guess now I can get back into the game and screen-cap it =)

  6. Hi guys

    As far as I can see, the game is updated fully on my Iphone but it has stopped saving the score on this last level. I've managed to get to wave 255 using a back and forth - opening and closing routes technique, but feel a bit let down after I'd beaton the OpenFeint scores only for it not to be included! Any news on how this can be fixed?


  7. I got to level 239 on my first attempt, without juggling. Pretty proud of myself! :)

    My score was 2,083,278,000

    I'm sure I could get much higher if I juggled but I don't really like doing that. I took screen captures to show the path but it doesn't seem to let me link to them here.

  8. I'm impressed with the scores that you guys are getting! I know how long it takes to complete these endless levels. The good thing is it now saves your levels mid way so you can stop and come back to it.

    If you can't link the images then feel free to email me a copy at and I will post them up (with the appropriate credit of course).

    @Mark - if you are stilling having problems I would email David at Critical Thought Games or post your issue on the critical thought forum. There is a link to the site from my blog (to the right) or click here:

  9. I'm pretty bummed. I knew I had a good strategy for getting high score over high levels. I thought I could be #1 overall. However, I didn't realize subsequent high scores didn't actually post to Open Feint.

    I just realized how broken it is now, reading this post. As I said, bummer.

    Anyway, I got over 3 billion today, and it won't post. Only level 226...but still a cool score.

    I didn't juggle. I am curious if anyone cares what the high scoring technique is. For some reason it was very obvious to me. I'll post it if anyone cares...I assumed that many people have figured the high score technique out.


  10. Hi Kevin, a number of folks have mentioned this high score bug. Bummer!

    Email me your solution and I will post it.



  11. I think the high scores only save if your wave is higher then the current...

  12. First time, 220 waves. Need to try to beat Adam Shane's 240!

  13. Hi everybody.

    I am happy to see that many people love this game as I do ^^
    I manage to go until wave 261 with 2 830 millions , but the score did not save..
    Hopefuly, I took screenshots :-p
    My technique is simple : I do not juggle. I use all kind of towers and make the creep pass by the corner back right after the fast 8.


  14. Hi Jab,

    Well done and thanks for sharing. Email me the screen shot and I will post it here.

  15. Hi All - I have posted Jab's solution up above in a separate post.

  16. I can get to 240 to 244 without juggling - just can't get the score past 0024xxxxxxxx

    1. I got to 272 with no juggling. Run a switchback at the start then push them through the lower eight. do not let them into the upper eight. run them vertical along that with thumpers in a row. Next layer shock towers and next layer missiles. Finally vertical row is lasers which have enough range when maxed out.

  17. I wish my windows phone could take screenshots so I could show you my layout on it. Made it to round 286, no juggling, and got 14.4 billion points.

  18. Just got my highest wave number yet for crazy 88's - 268.

  19. no sure how to post my screen caps...but current score and wave etc:
    1,721,656,445 x2311 15 this level not supposed to end....?...been playing for between the screen locking etc and taking phone calls where the game will obviously pause..but yeah