Monday, 9 November 2009

GeoDefense Swarm Strategy - Hard Level 6 (Singularity)


GeoDefense Swarm Strategy

Hard Level 6 - Singularity

Spoiler Warning!

There are a few different ways to complete this level.

Start off by channelling the creeps by placing the rocket towers near the entries.

You can then start building towers around the singularity. You need to build fast but once you get here it is pretty much all over.

Happy Swarming...


  1. Thank you David. I've been struggling through on my own until I reached the Swarm hard levels. Then at 74 years realized I would not live long enough to finish on my own. CyberGma

  2. @CyberGma - and thanks for the comment. It cracked me up and we all need to laugh more. I see that they have just released a bunch of new levels as downloadable content. Hopefully you will hang on long enough to finish those!

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