Saturday, 31 October 2009

GeoDefense Swarm Strategy - Hard Level 3 (The Race is On)


GeoDefense Swarm Strategy

Hard Level 3 - The Race is On.

Spoiler Warning...

Ok this level is tough! I tried a bunch of different strategies before hitting on the winning solution. Just getting past Wave 1 is tricky.

I finally settled on the formation shown in the attached photo. You can clear the 1st two waves using just this. I then added one of the top 3 laser towers. This will allow you to get past wave 4 which is the next tough spot. Add the remaining two laser towers in this formation and then start replacing the blasters with lasers. Replace the ones which line up with the creeps path first. Upgrade as you go. Wave 10 is tough to get past as is 14 and 15 but following this strategy should get you there. I'm not sure how sensitive this solution is to build order.

I have seen another strategy using juggling but I try to avoid those if possible. No juggling is required for this approach.

The game hints at using an upgraded blaster strategy but I couldn't get that to work. I would be interested in a solution using blasters - let me know if you managed this.


  1. Thanks, this was the last level I struggled with.

  2. Wow. I must have just gotten lucky. Hit on a solution right off. Hum, I have a photo saved, just can't put it here for you. I'll post it on my page and link it.

  3. I had quite a nice solution for a high score, put a laser to the right of the exit, and channel the creeps towards it, similar to your second pic, then you get some x20's and x50's if you get lucky!

    I'm still struggling on hard level 8 though...

  4. Good idea Gav - I will post up my solutions for the remaining levels this weekend.

  5. When I first tried this map, I tried using a wedge strategy much like you did, but couldn't get it to work (it lacked the curl around you have). I finally made a map work by building a wall of blasters up the middle, and then forcing the creeps to travel around the edge of the map, setting up lasers at key points. The lasers did most of the damage... upgrading blasters wasn't all that effective on the speedier stars.

  6. Thanks for your strategies man, i've looked at several of them and they've definitely helped out. This level has given me the most trouble out of all them.

  7. Great strategy, thanks. I cleared the level on the first try using your method (had struggled with many others before).