Sunday, 25 October 2009

GeoDefense Swarm Strategy - Medium Level 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

iPhone GeoDefense Swarm Strategies

Usual Spoiler Warning

Medium Level 4 (The Long Way) - The bottom photo. Start with blasters and then replace them with missiles and lasers as you get more cash.

Medium Level 5 (Inward Spiral) - one of my favourite levels. It is easy once you work out the pattern. Upgrade from the centre out to maximise your score.

Medium Level 6 (Infiniconda) - I have come to quite like the thumper tower.

Medium Level 7
(Nucleotide) - This is quite a tough level.

Medium Level 8 (A Bit of a Juggle) - The top photo. The blaster tower is the one that you alternately buy and sell to juggle the creeps.


  1. Thanks for the hint on the level 5 (Inward Spiral). That one was killing me. Was simple the way you did the spiral and easy to win.

  2. Good level strategy on level 7 (Nucleotide). I miss it by about 2 creeps every time. Tried to get everything in place exactly like your final (and even have it upgraded beyond what your final shot shows for the laser towers), but still get smashed with about 2 more escapes below 0 by final level.

  3. Hey Jeff - glad I could help out. I love this game and I love that it is difficult but there is nothing worse than getting stuck.

    Regarding level 7 - I will have another run at it and then post some interim screens. Sometimes the build order is critical. I'm just trying to optimise Level 10 hard at the moment so I will post it after that.

  4. Level 7 was a toughie. I had about 40 goes at it before having to come to your site. I added a third purple bumper next to the bottom one for good measure because there is plenty of cash left over. It still lets a few through, but ultimately wins. Make sure you fully update the bumpers.

  5. Your pic for level 8 doesn't work.

  6. Hi Anonymous!

    I'm not sure what the problem is for the L8 pic. It works fine in my browser (Chrome). What browser are you using?

    The Hard Level 8 solution is here:

  7. I just had a look in Firefox and IE and the L8 pic renders ok for me.

  8. Hey,

    I've come up with a solution for Medium Level 7. It's pretty solid, first try I only had one creep go through! Find it here:

    Now, on with the hard ones..


  9. 'Your pic for level 8 doesn't work.' - I think they mean the solution isn't working. This is the only level I haven't gotten yet. Argh

  10. Level 8 definitely works - the title is the give away to the solution for this level.

    You have to alternately buy and sell the blaster tower in the bottom left corner. This causes the creeps to change direction and go past the missile towers multiple times. You build it just before the creeps get to that point. They then have to reverse direction. When they get close to the top right hand corner you sell the bottom left blaster and then build one to block the top right (I think - it has been a while!).

  11. I'm stuck on 7 and 4 medium... The pictures don't Help at all

  12. I'm stuck on 7 and 4 medium... The pictures don't Help at all

  13. I'm stuck on 7 and 4 medium... The pictures don't Help at all