Sunday, 25 October 2009

GeoDefense Swarm Strategy - Medium Level 10 (Minefield)

GeoDefense Swarm Strategy

Medium Level 10 (Minefield)

Spoiler Warning

The 2nd of the endless levels. I tried a few different approaches on this level but the best result (wave 169) resulted from the following strategy:

1. Start laying out the maze with blaster towers. Work from the exit back.
2. Use thumpers where you can weave creeps past them. You will need to add the thumpers early because this level has the creeps that cant be hit with Blasters below level 7.
3. Gradually replace the Blasters with Missiles and Lasers and upgrade as cash allows.

Eventually you will max out with spots to put towers and upgrades. I started to leak creeps around wave 155. You may be able to last longer if you replace all the missiles with lasers as well.

No juggling was used to get this result.


  1. Fun level! I started to 'leak creeps' at 153. That was my first attempt though so it was a basic maze. I'm sure I could do much better with another stab at it now I know what the level is. I don't think I have the time and patience to do it all again though, it takes so long. There needs to be a fast forward button on this game!

  2. I agree - at least you can pause the game and come back to it later. That is generally the approach that I take.

  3. Thank you for your Hints. I did it till wave 172.
    A little more play on this level and i doubt i come close to epilepsy while watching the game in this condition. I found out one thing i do not like: By double tspping the vortex towers, they pop. Happened unintended a few times.

  4. I tried replacing the missiles with lasers and only made it to wave 165. Booooo.

  5. I think 165 is respectable ;-)

    This level really tests the iPhone hardware. I have the 3G version and it is spluttering along in the latter levels.

  6. Made it to level 176. Dropped some images on my website. Leaked 1 early, but then held solid until around 170, when the pacmen creeps started leaking with 1/2 life!!

  7. Just got 177 by the skin of my teeth.

  8. 183, all lasers and quite a few slow down towers. Different maze too